Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to apply Bai Sanitizer?

Spray directly. There's no need to dilute, dry, clean or rinse.

2. And... What about fruits and vegetables?

Previously wash them with soap and water, then apply Bai sanitizer directly, without rinse

3. How to use Bai Detergent?

Dilute one cap of Bai Detergent (1L presentation) for each liter (34 oz.) of water / Dilute one cap of Bai Detergent (5L presentation) for each 3 liters (101.4 oz) of water

4. How can I hire a sanitizing service?

In our webpage, click on the menu "Services" > HomeBusiness > Fill in the data or request it through WhatsApp.

5. Where can I buy Bai?

From your shopping cart in our web page, through WhatsApp, Mercado Libre, Amazon, Liverpool, Sanborns, Farmacias del Ahorro, Bebé Camaleón, Central Go, OC Market.

6. What's the difference between Bai Sanitizer, Baby Bai & Bai Medics?

Each one of our lines was carefully built to satisfy your specific and everyday needs

7. Do I have to dilute Bai sanitizer? 

No, Bai Sanitizer, in each and every presentation; is ready to use.

8. Can I combine it with other products?

No, each product has its own properties, advantages and uses, so we do not recommend combining Bai in order for you to really benefit from its own action and benefits.

9. How is the delivery method?

Whether in CDMX, metropolitan area or the rest of the Republic, deliveries are directly to the registered address in your order. In the case of other states, it is sent through a safe and reliable packaging service.

10. How many days can I expect for delivery within CDMX?

From 1 to 3 days depending on your area and the day you make your purchase.

11. What are the microorganisms that Bai Sanitizer eliminates?

E. Coli, Staphylococcus, Seasonal Influenza, AHN1 Influenza, Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Paramyxovirus and more!

12. What certificates does it have?

The Bai sanitizer formula is is endorsed, certified and registered by COFEPRIS, FDA, UNAM, INER, labs with EMA, amongst others

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