Bebé Bai Detergente

Because the baby's immune system is not fully developed, this makes them more vulnerable to contracting an infection and becoming seriously ill, that’s why a greater care must be taken with hygiene and disinfection, protect your baby and let's say ‘Bai’ to diseases.
Bai’s baby disinfectant is designed for you and your little one's needs. It can be used on all surfaces that have contact with your baby, including pacifiers, bottles, even food utensils.


Ventajas Bebé Bai Detergente

Where to apply Baby Bai detergent:

At home: Kitchen utensils / Bottles and pacifiers / Toys, rattles, teethers and stuffed animals / Cutlery, glasses and plates / Cribs, changing tables, mattresses, rocking chairs and high chairs / Clothes and bedding / Bathtubs and potties.

At schools and Daycares: Walls / Windows / Tables / Chairs / Playground / Toys / Teaching Materials / Uniforms / Dishes / Surfaces / Doorss / Handles / Restrooms


or with one of our distributors: