Broad spectrum antiseptic solution for hands and surfaces. Its antimicrobial action eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites effectively, destroying disease-causing microorganisms.

The bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect has been verified in vitro by UNAM, INER, FDA and EMA laboratories and is certified before COFEPRIS (143300CO260042) Made from a complex compound of natural origin from citrus seed extracts, whose non-toxic and non-irritating action makes it a biodegradable disinfectant that guarantees efficacy during use on hands or surfaces.



Bai Sanitizer Advantages

Where to Apply Bai Sanitizer:

Where to apply Bai Sanitizer - HomeAt restaurants and dining rooms: Cutting boards / Work tables / Refrigeration chambers / Utensils in general / Kitchen board, sinks and WC / Tables and chairs

At hotels, gyms and spas: Exercise equipment / Spa rooms / Showers, dressing rooms, W.C. / Sauna and steam / Towels / Bathrooms / Common areas / Children's play areas / Hotel rooms



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